Re: How to read the contents of the screen with Gnopernicus ?

Hi Nath,

My commnets after DR.

Best regards,

On Tuesday 17 September 2002 13:43, you wrote:
> Hi all,
> All is in the object field.  Is it possible today with Gnopernicus to read
> the contents of the screen without interact with the apps cursor ? For
> example how to read a dialog box content without moving the cursor around
> the differents buttons ?

DR: In next version of gnopernicus in cvs user will be able to navigate 
through objects hierarchy. This feature will be available using keypad layer 
(more details in README file from next cvs version).
This version is intend to be on cvs today.

> Another thing :  when a text file is displayed on the screen how to proceed
> to read it with the synthetizer  when moving into it with the cursor keys ?

DR: this is not yet available, but will be soon.

> Perhaps these things are not implemented in Gnopernicus today. can you tell
> me ?
> Thanks.

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