[g-a-devel] BrlTTY/libcspi (was Re: Gnome-accessibility-devel Digest, Vol 57, Issue 4)

Hi Samuel:

AT-SPI is undergoing a transition from CORBA to D-Bus, most likely for GNOME 3.0. The work is being tracked here: http://linuxfoundation.org/en/Accessibility/ATK/AT-SPI/AT-SPI_on_D-Bus

libcspi is one of the things that has yet to be done because the port will require a fair amount of work. We're trying to figure out just what to do, with the options including porting just a subset, requiring apps to talk to D-Bus directly, etc.

Do you have a list of the libcspi methods that brltty is using as well as a description of what brltty is using libcspi for?


Samuel Thibault wrote:
Ariel Rios, le Wed 18 Feb 2009 09:45:39 -0600, a écrit :
I wasn't aware that Cspi was marked for deprecation.
Sorry for the confusion. As Li stated in one of the emails although
cspi was not marked for deprecation we have strongly discouraged its
use in favour of the python bindings. About 2 years ago Bill Haneman
and I were talking that any new development should not use cspi.

What should be used in C projects (such as brltty) then?

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