Re: Panel 2 rules!

> > > Anyway, I feel like hacking on the menus at some point in the future.  Unless
> > > someone else makes it all work first.
> > 
> > Let's race!
> Heh, well I have to do homework, AND I'm a lazy bastard, so you have a head
> start :)

Speaking of hacking on the menus, Nils' has done an excellent
re-organization of the panel menus that should improve their
navigability immensely. We would really like to get this done for GNOME2
(as that's the most justifiable time to make large environment change,
and it shouldn't be terribly hard to do).

(the document is a little out of date from current discussion, but not
in major ways)

Where would be the best place to start towards getting this implemented?
We'll have to also get projects to modify their .desktop files. George
had a spec for proposed changes to the Desktop standard, and I think
this could affect that some since the categories have changed. (the
categories listed their are only for elements in GNOME core, we need to
finish a list of other potential categories that people may want to add
their apps to).


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