Re: GnomeFontSelector

Bill Haneman <bill haneman sun com> writes: 
> XTerm is not a great candidate since in order to be accessible a UI
> component must at the very minimum inherit from GObject, and I don't see
> that dependency being allowed in XTerm proper.  Or do you mean that the
> existing gnome-terminal could use xterm library code for terminal
> emulation and paint the result into a GtkWidget rather than using
> libzvt?  (At this point my knowledge of the architecture of
> gnome-terminal, as opposed to libzvt, is stale and sketchy).

The point is you make xterm into a library which does the "hard bits,"
and you use it to implement a GtkWidget. libzvt contains a widget
which does all the work of gnome-terminal, gnome-terminal just adds
the menubar and preferences.

The xterm library would essentially store the terminal contents and
process input. The input would be forwarded to it from the GTK widget,
and the GTK widget would call an xterm function to draw its contents.
The GTK widget would probably also handle selection and drag-and-drop,
with some hooks in the xterm lib.

i.e. the xterm part is just an implementation detail, you get a
GtkWidget in the end.


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