In CVS module "libwnck" (yeah, stupid name) I have an equivalent for
the much-cut-and-pasted "gwmh.[hc]" files that were used to implement
the tasklist and pager in GNOME 1.x.

gwmh.[hc] is pretty closely tied to the old GNOME hints, so can't
really be "ported" to the new ones, more like rewritten; libwnck is a
library to replace it. libwnck is also useful for e.g. a tool like
procman, to locate the icons and windows corresponding to processes
(though in the short term this becomes much more interesting if we add
_NET_WM_PID support to GTK 1.2, right now most apps don't set it).

For GNOME 2 I think we have two possible courses of action, one is to
port the pager/tasklist to libwnck (or equivalent) as backend, the
other is to continue to use the old GNOME hints for now and leave
pager/tasklist unchanged. I would lean a bit toward the latter because
I think we are pretty doomed already, without rewriting code. Of
course if someone wants to try to do a new EWMH-native tasklist/pager,
and it's ready in time, we could always switch to it.


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