Re: gnome-libs 2.0 API

> Dude, you're confused.

  Dude, I am not confused.  The problem is just that I didn't follow the
2.0 lists until recently, and of course nobody bothered telling me about
the plan.

> The reason was that GnomeDock was in libgnomeui, but we didn't want to make
> libbonoboui depend on libgnomeui. So we moved GnomeDock to bonoboui and renamed
> it.

  Hmm this approach doesn't sound right; IMHO Bonobo should contain the
Bonobo stuff, and not random GTK+ widgetry.

  Anyway, I haven't been following the original discussions so I'll go
hunt for them in the archives.  (Pointers are welcome of course.)


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