Re: gnome-libs 2.0 API

Murray Cumming <Murray_Cumming BetaResearch de> writes:

> Can someone give me a URL describing the planned changed to gnome-libs
> 2.0? Hopefully that's not a rhetorical question.
> I've seen talk of.
> - Removing GnomeApp and GnomeMDI in favour of the (equally undocumented)
> B(b?)onobo APIs.

GnomeApp is in libcompat, but I'm not sure about GnomeMDI.

We'll either deprecate it and move it in libcompat or port it to Bonobo,
but then it shouldn't be in libgnomeui. I think such a feature should be
developed in an application which is actually using it.

Basically we can do the same as with GnomeDock: move GnomeMDI to libcompat
and deprecate it and develop a new BonoboMDI.

Martin Baulig
martin gnome org (private)
baulig suse de (work)

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