Re: Confusion of Applet and Capplet :)

Glynn Foster wrote:
>   The term "applets" was confusing; most didn't know what it
>   meant, some guessed it was "something to do with Java"
> So it would be just great if we could come up with something a little bit
> sensible that somehow acurately describes their [non]usefulness :) This
> also applies to the capplets/crapplets.
> Among the suggestions were -
> Gizmos,Widget,Gadgets,Helplets,Docklets,GNOMElets,Yokeys,Thingameybobs,Whizlets,
> Evilets,Miniapps....the list is endless....
> [hrm, the more I go on, the more dumb it gets :/]

The term "applet" exists in Swedish, but that's the Java thing. For the
GNOME panel applets, we simply call them "panel programs/applications"
in the Swedish GNOME translation, so that they are not confused with the
Java things.

Possibly a simple solution like that could be used. I don't believe in
"inventing" words: They are hard to translate, and using a more
explanatory term is, well explanatory.


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