Re: global proxy settings

Miguel de Icaza <miguel ximian com> writes: 
> GConf might be a long term strategy to manage workgroups [1].  But quite
> frankly I do not see this happening any time soon, you still have a lot
> of legacy applications lying around and they will continue to be there
> for a long time. 

Typical setups are just the desktop, plus a small number of apps,
often apps people have some control over. No one cares about xterm or
xfig in this context.

> But in the end, my guess is that any serious attempt will try to
> integrate LDAP at various levels in the system.  Its been done before,
> and it is still a far shot from ideal.

Of course. That's why I've been encouraging a network-aware backend
for GConf. This is a key element.

It's also vital to manage system-wide stuff, not just user
preferences. Red Hat has some plan for that, but I think it's outside
the scope of GNOME.


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