Re: Getting libgnome* into shape

On 30 Aug 2001, jacob berkman wrote:

> On Thu, 2001-08-30 at 09:18, George wrote:
> >
> > Dependencies are exactly the same.  If you think about how shared libraries
> > work, you can do the SAME stuff without corba with just a C api.  Mostly
> > because that's how you're gonna implement it underneath anyway.
> the dependencies are, in fact, not the same.
> with just C api, 2 libraries / applications cannot use features of each
> other.  ie, gal cannot call eel functions if eel calls gal functions.

I might be mistaken, but wouldn't you be able to do "-lgal -leel -lgal"?
If the interdependencies are more complex, it may be necessary to add some
more "-leel -lgal"'s to the end.  And on systems supporting shared
libraries, simply doing "-lgal -leel" would be sufficient.

[Note that cases like this are the reason why they turned off duplicate
removal in libtool's link stage]

Of course, Heavy interdependencies between two components often is a sign
that the component boundaries aren't where they should be.


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