Re: Our (real) problems

On 30Aug2001 11:34PM (-0400), Alex Larsson wrote:
> * Object activation is unstable
> OAF / Bonobo Activation has problems with the lifetime of servers. If
> oafd starts a server and then dies/quits and then later starts again,
> it has forgotten the fact that the server is already running. This
> leads to severe problems with servers that are singletons, such as
> gconf, and generally leads to wasted resources.

As I said earlier, I plan to fix this by making oafd write all it's
data to disk and reread it on startup.

> One common example of this is nautilus. Whenever nautilus dies,
> due to a crash or due to the user killing it there are a bunch of
> processes left running. Then when nautilus starts again duplicates of
> these are started creating much havoc. I often get a bunch of
> nautilus-news processes running that makes the sidebars crash when I
> start nautilus.

I think Nautilus actually has a hack that should make orphaned
nautilus components go away. 

> Even this does not help all the way though, because there is no good
> way for a restarting oafd to know if the servers it has previously
> started are still alive and working.

It can just do CORBA_Object_non_existent on each recorded IOR on

 - Maciej

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