Re: Getting libgnome* into shape

> *  GnomeApp and friends, bring back non-deprecated
>    using bonobo-dock and gtk-dialog
>    (partly done)

Does BonoboWindow not replace this?

> *  deprecated:  gnome-dialog, gnome-propertybox (george)

Is this the reason why gnome-propertybox is in libgnome-compat, or is it
being brought back into libgnomeui?

If it is being left in libgnome-compat, why? Yes, it sucks, but property
dialogs are about the only thing that actually is consistant about gnome

I still have my version of it (With the easier to
understand/bonobo-configible button scheme), and nearly 100% compatible
API (there's only one function that hasn't been reimplemented, and that
was only because I didn't know what it did.) I can port it to gnome2 if
it has a chance to go in.


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