Re: Getting libgnome* into shape

On 26Aug2001 02:02PM (-0700), George wrote:
> Hi,
> Anders, Jonathan and I have been discussing what to do to bring libgnome*
> into shape quickly.  Our current thoughts are that this could be finished
> within a fortnight and then frozen.  What this consists of is mostly rolling
> back some changes and bringing back things that went away for the moment,
> until viable replacements are finished.  Another thing that we try to
> accomplish here is to ease the porting pains.  Stuff that is marked
> deprecated is stuff that has viable replacements for all it's major
> functions, but is not trivial to port.  Stuff that could be candidate for
> deprecating but doesn't yet have viable replacements is not deprecated yet.
> Only stuff that is rarely used or has simple to port replacements is being
> removed.  We'd love to hear opinions and to perhaps get some help to better
> divide this into tasks and file into bugzilla.

Thanks a lot for sending this list! I'm really glad to have a
remaining work list for libgnome*, I think that brings us a lot closer
to being able to freeze.

 - Maciej

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