Re: Opinions on when to start Nautilus porting?

Hi Darin,

On Fri, 24 Aug 2001, Darin Adler wrote:
> I know that Gimp porting to GNOME 2 is already underway. I also know
> that there are problems in various platform libraries. I also remember
> from GUADEC that Michael Meeks was particularly adamant that he didn't
> want me starting to port Nautilus before the libraries were ready.

	Hey :-) well, my begged for time is definately up ... on the basis
of my complaints you should have started porting last week :-) I'm also
extremely happy with the ORBit2 / libbonobo side of things in fact - I
managed to get done the vast majority of what I wanted for these bits.

> So, folks, any thoughts on when Ramiro and I (and the rest of the
> gang)  should start porting Nautilus?

	Well - assuming that the Gtk+ API is substantialy frozen, I
suggest that you 'go for it' ! :-)

	We'll not get the GNOME foundation really frozen until we really
feel that someone is really depending on the API not changing.

> (For the moment, lets ignore the issue of when the Red Hat Nautilus
> patches will get rolled in, although I definitely want to do those
> before porting.)

	I suppose the best thing to do is to start porting things like eel
and such like - have you done this ?

	I also think that it'd be most excellent to have the Nautilus team
and all the coolest, newest features move onto the whole Gnome 2.0
bandwaggon and get more fixes and testing on the Gnome 2.0 library core.

	The only slight thing that worries me is how overlaid install
clean we are currently - I forget what problems are still left to be
fixed; we really need to nail them soon when we find them - I'm sure a
horde of eager Nautilus builders will do that pretty quick.

	How does that sound ? scary ? exciting ? :-) I'll be looking at
starting to port Gal to Gnome 2.0 shortly - so we can start moving
evolution & alike things to Gnome 2.0 quickly.



 mmeeks gnu org  <><, Pseudo Engineer, itinerant idiot

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