Re: libglade-1.99.1

On Fri, 24 Aug 2001, Bob Smith wrote:

> Why not create a seperate module for libglade-bonobo? (Or in libbonobo
> alternatly). Then you can install libglade at any time, and you can add
> libglade-bonobo at any point.

Well, the bonobo support consists of a single 152 line file (that includes
comments and blank lines).  It would be more trouble than it is worth to
package it separately.

I think the solution I will use is to have an --enable-bonobo argument to
configure that can take values yes, no or auto (defaulting to auto).  When
yes is selected, the module is built (and configure returns an error if
bonoboui isn't found).  When no is selected, it isn't built even if
bonoboui is on the system.  When auto is selected, it will check for
bonoboui and build the module if it is found, but if it isn't found,
continue on rather than dieing.

There would be a similar --enable-gnome flag (or maybe --enable-gnomeui)
libgnomeui support (when I finish porting it).

The sample spec file would include --enable-bonobo and --enable-gnome
flags, which would encourage distributors to ship with support for these

Does this sound like a workable solution to everyone?


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