Re: Opinions on when to start Nautilus porting?

On 24Aug2001 04:40PM (-0700), Darin Adler wrote:
> I know that Gimp porting to GNOME 2 is already underway. I also know that 
> there are problems in various platform libraries. I also remember from 
> GUADEC that Michael Meeks was particularly adamant that he didn't want me 
> starting to port Nautilus before the libraries were ready.
> So, folks, any thoughts on when Ramiro and I (and the rest of the gang) 
> should start porting Nautilus?
> (For the moment, lets ignore the issue of when the Red Hat Nautilus 
> patches will get rolled in, although I definitely want to do those before 
> porting.)

Will porting happen on the HEAD or a branch?

My personal opinion is that the GNOME 2 libraries are not quite frozen
enough yet, but the main culrpit is gnome-vfs, I think for most of the
others that Nautilus depends on have finite and reasonable lists of
outstanding API issues.

 - Maciej

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