Re: API freeze release ... status so far.

On 2 Aug 2001, Martin Baulig wrote:

> Hi guys,
> thunderstorm is coming, must go offline really soon, so just a quick
> notice.
> Rather than pushing for a release as quickly as possible, it'd be a
> really good idea to actually *test* your stuff before you release.
> Now we need to make a new bonobo-activation release because the old one
> did not work. There are still problems with bonobo_get_object() - so,
> please - let's wait until we get this stuff actually tested.

Suprise!!! Starting with a big platform change 4 days before supposed API
freeze broke lots of things. 

> I don't see any reason to release something if _nothing_ works in it.

OTOH we really need to make sure everything freezes and is released ASAP.
The reason there is a thing called 'library beta 1' scheduled to happen
in 5 weeks time is so as much as possible of non-API bug fixing could be
pushed to post-freeze and make it easier for people to participate. 

Unfortunately there are lots of murky corners to gnome 2.0 at the moment,
lets try and clear centre-stage?

> Ok, need to go offline - see you guys tomorrow.
> -- 
> Martin Baulig
> martin gnome org (private)
> baulig suse de (work)


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