API freeze release ... worries.

Hi Martin,

On 2 Aug 2001, Martin Baulig wrote:
> Rather than pushing for a release as quickly as possible, it'd be a
> really good idea to actually *test* your stuff before you release.

	This is an API freeze release - the intention as far as I am aware
is not to produce modules perfect in every way - but ones with [ as far as
labeled ] frozen APIs. This allows other people to at least re-factor
their code to compile with the new APIs.

	Clearly also, getting people to build code on the new platform is
going shake absolutely shed loads of bugs out - but simply because we're
finding bugs does not mean we should not release.

> Now we need to make a new bonobo-activation release because the old
> one did not work. There are still problems with bonobo_get_object() -
> so, please - let's wait until we get this stuff actually tested.

	Well - the issue is that bonobo-activation works for me here,
furthermore the issue with broken ref counting on CORBA factories that was
affecting bonobo_get_object is fixed in the released libbonobo. Ultimately
it doesn't seem like either of those problems affect the API whatsoever so
they are of little interest to the issue at hand.

> I don't see any reason to release something if _nothing_ works in it.

	Actualy many things work in the release. I look forward to
real bug reports for the issues you've found.

	What I am _really_ concerned about is your suggestion that you are
introducing an extra 2 week unscheduled delay to the API freeze deadline
for gnome-libs.

	Why !?

	What is it about breaking the current deadline which has been
coming for ages, that makes you sure that the next deadline in a fortnight
will be kept ? What is different about libgnome / libgnomeui that needs to
screw up the API freeze ? gnome-vfs has just been released, as has

	I am concerned that we will delay the whole Gnome 2.0 effort, but
let me ask why; what APIs need changing ? is it vital that these APIs be
included in the core libraries ? is it possible to include them in
applications and get them in later ? is it possible to release the
libraries now so people can start porting and introduce them later ?

	Also, I'd like to see libgnomecanvas released shortly, or good
reasons for not releasing it.

	Can you let me know where I can help push / hack to get the
packages out and released ? because I don't feel that until we've got the
very basics out, I can move onto eg. concentrating on trying to get glade
/ libglade ported.



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