Re: API freeze release ... status so far.

On 02Aug2001 10:47PM (+0200), Martin Baulig wrote:
> Hi guys,
> thunderstorm is coming, must go offline really soon, so just a quick
> notice.
> Rather than pushing for a release as quickly as possible, it'd be a
> really good idea to actually *test* your stuff before you release.
> Now we need to make a new bonobo-activation release because the old one
> did not work. There are still problems with bonobo_get_object() - so,
> please - let's wait until we get this stuff actually tested.
> I don't see any reason to release something if _nothing_ works in it.
> Ok, need to go offline - see you guys tomorrow.

Hi Martin,

I made the release because Michael was very insistent (his opinion
being that locking in the API was more important than mking sure
things work).

I'll check out the problems and make a new release when I have a
chance. However, I'm not sure why bonobo_get_object() would have a
bonobo-activation-caused problem that was not caught by the
bonobo-activation tests or other activation-realted APIs.



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