Re: [gnet-dev] Cross-compiling gnet for win32 from linux

On 3/14/06, ben levitt <ben benjie org> wrote:
> ....
> So my code is now working great on linux and windows, and I'm very happy.  :)

A few things I forgot to mention:

When I disconnect a client GConn from my win32 GServer's GConn, the
GServer's GConn never gets a disconnect event.  Instead it reliably
gets an error event, so my server ends up with a bunch of zombie
GConns hanging around, unless I have my code disconnect on error. 
Which I am now doing.  :)

All of this is using:
- gtkmm-2.8.3-2 from here:
- unpatched cvs gnet from last week.  I zipped up and posted binaries here:


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