Re: Just downloaded revision 2057- glib-gettextize: command not found

Hi Max,

I made a mistake with the instructions I just sent. The java-libglom
moduleset only builds libglom, not the full glom UI. I've attached a
moduleset that you use to build the full Glom app. You'll need to
change the .jhbuildrc file to use this moduleset and make glom the
default module.

Sorry for if this caused any problems.

Cheers, Ben

On Mon, May 30, 2011 at 1:39 PM, Ben Konrath <ben bagu org> wrote:
On Sun, May 29, 2011 at 6:58 AM, msjs08 <msjs08 gmail com> wrote:

If the subversion repo is obsolete why not remove it or at least put a
comment and a link to the latest version but I did think it was version 1.19

I'm not sure how you got to the glom subversion repository but does indicate that the subversion repository is
no longer being used. To be honest, I'm not exactly sure why it's
still hanging around.

I'm using Mandriva 2010.2 and the latest rpm version for that is glom 1.14

I don't know much about Mandriva, but let's see if I can still help
out. First of all, just cloning the git repository and trying to build
Glom won't work because the dependency libraries on your system won't
match up with what's expected by more recent versions of Glom. I think
the easiest way around this is to build glom with jhbuild.

I have a minimal jhbuild moduleset that you should be able to use to
compile glom 1.18 branch. You can use the instructions here with a few

The first change you have to make is to find and install the Mandriva
development packages that correspond to the Ubuntu development
packages listed in the apt-get command.

The other change you have to make is to run 'jhbuild build glom'
instead of just 'jhbuild build'. That will build everything up to the
glom module and continue to build java-libglom and swig. And, of
course, you don't need to follow the rest of those instructions. :-)

You can download customize the java-libglom.moduleset file if you want
to make glom the default jhbuild target, change the version of glom or
not be dependent on a remote jhbuild moduleset. Just remember to edit
the ~./jhbuildrc file to point to your local jhbuild moduleset.

When you want to run glom, you'll have to do 'jhbuild run glom'
instead of just 'glom' on the terminal.

I find it quite frustrating that I cannot find an open source package that
can do what MSAccess 97 could do. I dumped windows as my main OS 2.5 years
ago but to create a DB is the only thing I have to go back for. (It doesn't
happen very often and I can't use it anyway cause the db doesn't run in

Glom is the nearest I can get but the ease of use, for me, still isn't
there. (tried kexi, base and a number of others) I don't seem to be able to
select a field in the layout and resize it.

I'm not directly involved in the development of Glom itself but your
input seems really valuable. It would be awesome if you could file
some bugs and feature requests for issues you find. You can do that
through the GNOME bugzilla:

Thanks and let me know if you have another questions.

Cheers, Ben

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