Re: Just downloaded revision 2057- glib-gettextize: command not found

On 28/05/11 19:26, Ben Konrath wrote:
Hi Max,

On Sat, May 28, 2011 at 6:30 AM, msjs08 <msjs08 gmail com> wrote:
I don't compile software very often but I was having issues with glom just shutting down while trying to import from a csv file
so I downloaded glom revision 2057 using svn but when I start the install process, I get errors.
[max localhost glom]$ sudo ./ --prefix=/usr/local
- glib-gettextize.
./ line 56: glib-gettextize: command not found
How can I get further?
What do I need to do?

The subversion repo is obsolete. The most recent version of Glom is in the git GNOME git repository:

But before you build from source, maybe there's another way get you a newer version of Glom (e.g. the Glom PPA). Which distribution are you using? And which version of Glom?

Hi Ben
Thanks for the reply
If the subversion repo is obsolete why not remove it or at least put a comment and a link to the latest version but I did think it was version 1.19

I'm using Mandriva 2010.2 and the latest rpm version for that is glom 1.14

I find it quite frustrating that I cannot find an open source package that can do what MSAccess 97 could do. I dumped windows as my main OS 2.5 years ago but to create a DB is the only thing I have to go back for. (It doesn't happen very often and I can't use it anyway cause the db doesn't run in wine)

Glom is the nearest I can get but the ease of use, for me, still isn't there. (tried kexi, base and a number of others) I don't seem to be able to select a field in the layout and resize it.


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