Re: [glade--]CVS version of glademm

Hi Christof,

On Thu, 22 Jan 2004 14:41:40 +0100
Christof Petig <christof petig-baender de> wrote:

> > I want to keep using glademm so I would like to re-install glademm
> > (not CVS version).
> > My project wouldn't progress without it.
> > I will fix wrong codes it generates manually.
> > To do that, if I just "make" glademm again and "make install",
> > will the CVS version (which doesn't work) be overwritten? 
> you might simply try to copy src/writers/ to the stable gnome 
> version to fix the treeview bugs.

I did.
I re-installed the stable version of glademm and it works fine now. 
> I can guarantee, that there are a lot of bugs hidden inside glademm's 
> gnome code. [I know of Gnome::About's ctor] Actually you are user #4 or 
> so. No maintainer/contributor ever needed gnomemm2. So prepare for more 
> unpleasant surprises [the autoconf changes I made did not touch gnome at 
> all IIRC]

There are a lot yet to study for me because I am not an experieced programmer.
Actually I just started coding several month ago.
I always appreciate you are kind enough to tell me a lot.

from Susumu Yoshida(susumu yt com)
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