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*I forgot to add a subject to my last email so i'm resending it, hope that's not a problem.

No. #1 Problem had been that your EMail was not a good example of being easily understandable. I reread it 5 times and still have no clue what the actual question was. Now going over outstanding issues I failed another time.

Try my example (attached, also on the glademm-list list archives on And if you still have questions tell me (but please: one question a paragraph).


I have a gui I made that has a treeview. It has a start button which runs another program I have made. I transferred this other programs main.cpp file into the I have also implemented the makefile for this main.cpp file into the gui makefile. Now the process can run fine and I can display rows on the treeview right out of the main.cpp file which is now in and part of the windows.hh class. My problem is when I the main.cpp calls a function from another file which is part of its process. It runs a file called Output.cpp. It will run this file fine and display on the terminal window what the output.cpp tellls it to output. My problem lies in the output.cpp won't display rows in my treeview. Like windows.hh does, my output.h file inherits windows1_glade. I don't understand where it is adding these columns if the cout statement will print it to the terminal window but it will not display on the treeview. I'm wondering if you have change or add something in my makefile for the gui so that treeview will display text from my output.cpp file. Any help is much appreciated.
Thanks again,
John T

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