Re: [glade--]CVS version of glademm

On Wed, 21 Jan 2004 16:09:43 +0100
Christof Petig <christof petig-baender de> wrote:

> Susumu Yoshida schrieb:
> > Hi Christof,
> > 
> > What I was afraid of happened!
> > Since I installed the cvs version of glademm, the code generated by
> > the glademm cannot be compiled(;_;)
> > 
> > As an experiment, I created a window with just a VBox, a label and a button.
> > I didn't add any code onto it. 
> > The error message I got when I ./ is as below 
> just to be sure - you did not turn gnome on, did you? Does autoreconf 
> solve your problems.

Yes I did.
I always use Linux on gnome.

I will read carefully the rest of your response tomorrow.
It's time to go to bed.
I hope the problem is solved tomorrow.

Have a good day.

from Susumu Yoshida(susumu yt com)
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