Re: [glade--]Treeview no glademm

On Mon, 19 Jan 2004 13:37:16 +0100
Christof Petig <christof petig-baender de> wrote:
> Sorry, dumb mistake. It's treeview1->get_selection()->signal_changed() .
> PS: The selected row is available via
>   treeview1->get_selection()->get_selected()

Thank you. They both worked properly.
And let me ask you another question.
What should I do (what should I connect) to show the contents of
a treeview only when a row is double-clicked?
I would like to distinguish 
  a single-click --- just to see it
  a double-click --- to select it . 

from Susumu Yoshida(susumu yt com)
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