Re: [glade--]Treeview no glademm

Susumu Yoshida schrieb:

It seems you are talking about the treeview on glademm,
so let me ask a question about it too.

I would like to use tree view on glademm(2.0.0) as below.
For example, suppose there is a tree view as below.

item1 | item2 | item3 ---------------------------
entry11 | entry12 | entry13
entry21 | entry22 | entry23
entry31 | entry32 | entry33

To access individual columns you need to use operator[](TreeModelColumn) of Gtk::TreeModel::Row .

I want to make it output entry21 to std::cout when I click entry21.
1.Is "select_cursor_row" signal the right signal to connect to do that?

I think that treeview1->selection()->changed().connect is more appropriate. But there's no way to make glade* do that for you. Simply put that in your ctor.

2.I selected the "select_cursor_row" signal and tried to compile the code
  but failed. The error message I got is shown below.

Perhaps glademm is generating the wrong signature. Do you already use the CVS version?


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