Re: [glade--]Treeview no glademm

Susumu Yoshida schrieb:
On Mon, 19 Jan 2004 11:26:52 +0100
Christof Petig <christof petig-baender de> wrote:

I think that treeview1->selection()->changed().connect is more appropriate. But there's no way to make glade* do that for you. Simply put that in your ctor.

My code is ... treeview1->selection()->changed().connect(SigC::slot(*this, &window1::on_treeview1_selection_changed));

Sorry, dumb mistake. It's treeview1->get_selection()->signal_changed() .

2.I selected the "select_cursor_row" signal and tried to compile the code
 but failed. The error message I got is shown below.

Perhaps glademm is generating the wrong signature. Do you already use the CVS version?

I figured out that problem last night. It was glademm's bug as you mentioned.
It codes a function of "void" return type while it should code one of "bool"
return type.
I fixed that problem manually and I was able to compile successfully.
(But "select_cursor_row" signal was not what I wanted)

I am not using the CVS version yet. Is that problem already fixed in the CVS version?

don't know. _You_ should be able to tell easily ;-)


PS: The selected row is available via

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