Re: [glade--] issues

Uri Sharf schrieb:
My simple Glade2 Project fails with the following error messages, looking
for automake. I do have automake-1.7 installed and have no problem
building Glade2/C projects on the same machine.

I've figured autogen is somehow confused about which version of
automake I'm using, and that it might be hard-coded somewhere -
though I'm not sure what is the best way do resolve this.

You really should disable gnome support - it's hardly maintained (since nobody ever stepped up to maintain it and I _never_ ever needed it). The non-gnome is maintained by me - over the gnome-common I have no control. [And you most likely reported an error of gnome-common. I don't have an idea how glade resolves this and I don't want to spent another hours to support an ever changing gnome-common invocation. Frustrated.]

BTW: You perhaps should try the CVS version of glademm since I fixed some autotools bugs recently.

Using Debian/Unstable

I'm also using sid, but I don't have an automake-1.7a ...

ls /usr/bin/automake
automake@     automake-1.4* automake-1.6* automake-1.7*


how many possible strange names for automake are possible (raises eyes to heaven). Oh dear. What a mess.

Unless somebody wants to maintain gnome2 within glademm, I'm going to disable it!


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