Re: [glade--] Re: Is this C++ [I mean, object oriented] code ????

	Hi, Christoff !!

look inside the base class.

I did. But it only appears a pointer to GlademmData. I didn't find any reference about this :-?

Please use the CVS version of glademm, this bug is fixed. (or learn to specify which widgets you need ("protected"))

> 	I suppose I will have to call widget_lookup() (I think it's called that
> way, but I'm not very expert usign Glade yet), in order to locate my
> Editboxes op1 and op2. But this is not very object-oriented.

no, member variables are ;-)

	Can you please tell me how ?

I think you already figured out.

Could you please subscribe to this list, I can no longer approve postings since something blocks my admin password. (and until this week there was only spam posted to the list)


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