[Glade-users] Glade MacOSX binaries for last version?

Hello Dieter and Tristan.

When launching glade, I've got the following remaining messages:

GladeUI-Message: No displayable values for property GtkToolPalette::icon-size
GladeUI-Message: No displayable values for property GtkToolItemGroup::ellipsize
GladeUI-Message: No displayable values for property GtkToolItemGroup::header-relief
GladeUI-Message: No DevHelp installed on your system, devhelp feature will be disabled.

Do you know the meaning? How to recover?

Nevertheless, I've post glade 3.8.0 X11 binaries among GTKAda package for Mac Snow Leopard with X11 support 
on Source Forge:

However I keep interest in a native quartz version, I'll have a look on proposed script.
In the mean time, I can try your glade 3.8.0 quartz binaries if any.
I stay with this version as it's the last one working with GTK+2 in order to use Ada bindings GTKAda only 
available for GTK+2.

Regards, Pascal.

Le 18 juil. 2011 ? 12:10, Dieter Verfaillie a ?crit :

Quoting Pascal <p.p14 at orange.fr>:
Hello Dieter, wahou, that's it!

I just add index.theme in /usr/local/gtk-2011/share/glade3/pixmaps/hicolor and icons appear :-)

I didn't find it in the source package:

Is it an oversight?

Apparently, hicolor-icon-theme is considered a soft-dependency
of GTK+. I don't know enough of GTK+'s internals yet to determine
if it should be a hard-dependency or not, but in my experience it
is needed for the various icon handling classes to work (without
falling back to the gtk-missing-image icon), so it would seem like
the logical thing to do, imho.

I wouldn't consider this an oversight for Glade, the issue lies
much deeper than that...

Is there a bug report?

Up until a moment ago I wasn't aware of any, but a quick search reveals:


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