[Glade-users] Trying to install on Debian

I recently installed a new Debian system ( Squeeze)
on an amd64 Gateway SX-2841. The plan was to learn about Glade.
So far, I have not succeeded in installing the package properly.

I first downloaded the glade-3.10 install file from the web site.
That failed because gcc was missing. That was easily remedied.
But there were still two missing dependencies, gtk+-3.0 and
libxml-2.0, neither of which appear in just that form on either
of the two DVDs which I burned from the Debian iso images.
I did install libxml2, but that did not solve the requirement.

I then found the listing of a package "Glade" in the Packages
file on DVD2, but that package will not install. I tried this
with both aptitude and gdebi.Aptitude replies with "No candidate
version found for Glade, No packages will be installed." The
problem with gdebi seems to be related to the difficulty of
referencing the DVD image directly as the .deb file. When you
do that, it then cannot find other items on the DVD. It is also
asking for dependencies which do not appear in exactly the
requested form.

I was finally able to get a version of Glade to start, but it is
apparently incomplete. It seems to not be able to actually open
a project. When I try that, the center window remains blank.

Any help would be appreciated.

BTW, I do not have Internet access on that machine. I can copy files
which have been downloaded to another machine.

Lloyd Rice
lloydrice at frii.com

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