[Glade-users] Glade MacOSX binaries for last version?

Quoting Pascal <p.p14 at orange.fr>:
Hello Dieter, wahou, that's it!

I just add index.theme in  
/usr/local/gtk-2011/share/glade3/pixmaps/hicolor and icons appear :-)

I didn't find it in the source package:

Is it an oversight?

Apparently, hicolor-icon-theme is considered a soft-dependency
of GTK+. I don't know enough of GTK+'s internals yet to determine
if it should be a hard-dependency or not, but in my experience it
is needed for the various icon handling classes to work (without
falling back to the gtk-missing-image icon), so it would seem like
the logical thing to do, imho.

I wouldn't consider this an oversight for Glade, the issue lies
much deeper than that...

Is there a bug report?

Up until a moment ago I wasn't aware of any, but a quick search reveals:


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