[Glade-users] icons from project relative directory


how the relative path in Glade is used, because I need to get some icon
for the window, the icons resources are located in the relative path
"../icons", but I tried to use "../icons" as a path for the icon, but it
always adds the "glade_project_resource_fullpath ()" + the name of the

If there are some xml tags that must be set manually which they describe
the "Image resource are loaded locally" type, could you tell me what are
Cause Glade doesn't set them, I tried the three of them, and instead the
"glade_project_resource_fullpath ()" is used.

Or do I must to set the icon of the window object manually?

P.S> Stuff I use:
      * Glade designer 3.6.7.
      * Glade file with python/pygtk.
      * GtkBuilder.

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