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On Sat, Jun 19, 2010 at 1:58 AM, Damjan Dimitrioski
<damjandimitrioski at gmail.com> wrote:

how the relative path in Glade is used, because I need to get some icon
for the window, the icons resources are located in the relative path
"../icons", but I tried to use "../icons" as a path for the icon, but it
always adds the "glade_project_resource_fullpath ()" + the name of the

   Glade lets you put whatever string you want in the entries that specify
icons including full paths or relative paths.

However, the Glade runtime application does not expect your application
to be installed or to be running in the application's path.

So the setting in the preferences is only used to specify what directory
Glade should search in to find the icons while editing your project

If you need to load your icons from a full or relative path in the
runtime of your target application; you still need to specify those
in the property entries (there's currently no feature that prefixes
all your output filenames with a project-wide target icon path,
although that might be an interesting feature).


If there are some xml tags that must be set manually which they describe
the "Image resource are loaded locally" type, could you tell me what are
Cause Glade doesn't set them, I tried the three of them, and instead the
"glade_project_resource_fullpath ()" is used.

Or do I must to set the icon of the window object manually?

P.S> Stuff I use:
? ? ?* Glade designer 3.6.7.
? ? ?* Glade file with python/pygtk.
? ? ?* GtkBuilder.

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