[Glade-users] [Fwd: Re: XML to Source Code?]

2010/2/26 Jos? F?lix Onta??n <felixonta at gmail.com>:

If your widgets are not in a library that is distributed for others to use,
then the above scenario does not make sense at all (because assuming
your widgets are provided in your app, they are useless to me in my
Glade environment).

Oh! well, you're right, i didn't mind about those "side effects". What i only
want to achieve is a way my app can use the custom catalog.

... Ideally ofcourse Glade should know about a catalog that exists in a project
relative directory to the glade file its opening ... and implementing something
like that could be pretty easy considering the dependency is already
saved to the Glade file ... but sorry for now its probably best to just remember to start
Glade with GLADE_CATALOG_PATH set.

Can i understand that putting my catalog in the same path as the glade
files could be
enough for my app to achieve the loading of every widget?

Sorry to confuse you, by ideally I mean "if we wrote a little bit more code",
currently you must set the GLADE_CATALOG_PATH variable when loading
a custom catalog in Glade.

And also note that that is only for loading the catalog in the Glade
you do not need that catalog at all for your app to load its widgets at runtime.


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