[Glade-users] [Fwd: Re: XML to Source Code?]

2010/2/25 Jos? F?lix Onta??n <felixonta at gmail.com>:

Well Alexey, maybe my widgets are not designed for re-use them in
other projects.
Think about a sublclass of gtk.StatusIcon with clic-events captured
and some menus, i don't think publish as a library would be
interesting for no one. Don't you think?

    its perfectly normal to write widgets as part of your project
that are not intended for distribution, i.e. they are not
intended for use in other projects.

I think its even becoming a more popular coding practice
to encode application logic into derived screen objects, which
is why I would really like to add some UI magic to Glade
to help automate the procedure of deriving widgets to be
implemented in your code...

That being said; I think the best practice for this context
of application-use only widgets is to simply include a catalog
in your project repository and distribution tarballs, probably
in the same directory you store your glade file(s), and you
might include a note somewhere about having to use
the GLADE_CATALOG_PATH ... (hopefully Glade will
eventually automatically load catalogs that the glade file
depends on from a relative directory or same directory).


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