[Glade-users] [Fwd: Re: XML to Source Code?]

El d?a 25 de febrero de 2010 17:39, Tristan Van Berkom
<tristan.van.berkom at gmail.com> escribi?:
2010/2/25 Jos? F?lix Onta??n <felixonta at gmail.com>:

Well Alexey, maybe my widgets are not designed for re-use them in
other projects.
Think about a sublclass of gtk.StatusIcon with clic-events captured
and some menus, i don't think publish as a library would be
interesting for no one. Don't you think?

? ?its perfectly normal to write widgets as part of your project
that are not intended for distribution, i.e. they are not
intended for use in other projects.

I think its even becoming a more popular coding practice
to encode application logic into derived screen objects, which
is why I would really like to add some UI magic to Glade
to help automate the procedure of deriving widgets to be
implemented in your code...

That being said; I think the best practice for this context
of application-use only widgets is to simply include a catalog
in your project repository and distribution tarballs, probably
in the same directory you store your glade file(s), and you
might include a note somewhere about having to use
the GLADE_CATALOG_PATH ... (hopefully Glade will
eventually automatically load catalogs that the glade file
depends on from a relative directory or same directory).

? ? ? ?-Tristan

Thanks again Tristan, it sounds rather well.
I use to build my own debian packages for distribute my apps too.
I think put the catalog file under /usr/share/my_app/ with the other glade
files it's the bet approach, isn't?

It's there a good doc to learn about GLADE_CATALOG_PATH and how
can i include my own catalog? is an environment variable? Must my app
include the catalog on GLADE_CATALOG_PATH when launching?



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