[Glade-users] building Glade 3.6.0

Tristan Van Berkom wrote:
You are missing a the default hicolor icon theme (which is where
all apps share there icons by name and domain), you can
find it in the form of a package, its basically just a directory structure.
are you referring to this?

I have the above hicolor installed.  I have used this version in
the past to build glade 3.4.5 (though with an earlier gtkmm

(iirc theres a bug on GTK+ to make GTK+ provide it, maybe its more
of a packaging bug... but its usually not missing when GTK+ is present).
I am not sure I follow you.  Should I expect to find certain
components in order for the hicolor theme to work?
Based on what I am getting from the gtk list, I suspect it is a
broken gtk bundle problem though I am not positive about that yet.

Damon Register

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