[Glade-users] building Glade 3.6.0

On Mon, Mar 23, 2009 at 11:06 PM, Damon Register
<damonregister at bellsouth.net> wrote:
Tristan Van Berkom wrote:
The missing stubs are not missing, the functions remaining in the headers
are just... in the headers, stale, forgotton, and I kinda with gcc would give
Ok. ?I tried just commenting those four functions in the header
files but when I run make, they still get into the gladeui.def
and the make still fails. ?How does the make still know about
these functions if I commented them in the .h header files?

Its a silly grep that gets the glade_* prefixed apis from the header
so that I dont have to maintain a def file by hand...

prototypes you pointed out, on the other hand, the signal-editor
link error in the src/ directory is a build problem on windows I
was not aware of, maybe gladeui.def is not being generated
with the default signal editor callbacks exported ?
I see those two functions are in both the glade-signal-editor.h and .c
files but they are not in the gladeui.def. ?Today I was trying to
figure out how that gladeui.def is generated but it is beyond me.

I'll have to investigate that a little further, or someone who
regularly builds on M$ could just tell my whats wrong with
the build and I'll fix it...
I would be happy to do it if you don't mind a few e-mail messages
on this subject. ?I can give the output and try corrective

At this point I have 2 questions

1. I can comment these four functions in their .h files
? ?but I don't know where else they are listed. ?what else
? ?do I have to comment?
? ?glade_editor_hide_context_info
? ?glade_editor_show_context_info
? ?glade_project_is_loaded_factory_file
? ?glade_util_version_lesser_than

Just remove them, err, could you be so kind as to file a bug about
that so I remember to do it tomorrow ?

2. ?What do I have to do so these two functions don't give "undefined reference"
? ? errors. ?Should they appear in the gladeui.def file or any other file?

Damon Register


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