[Glade-users] building Glade 3.6.0

Has anyone tried building the new Glade 3.6.0.  I am trying to build
with msys/mingw.  I am getting some build errors but I wonder if
these errors exist for the other platforms.

I got these errors at this point during the make

Creating library file: .libs/libgladeui-1.dll.a
Cannot export glade_editor_hide_context_info: symbol not defined
Cannot export glade_editor_show_context_info: symbol not defined
Cannot export glade_project_is_loaded_factory_file: symbol not defined
Cannot export glade_util_version_lesser_than: symbol not defined

I found the first two in glade-editor.h
I found the others in glade-project.h and glade-utils.h

each were also listed in gladeui.def

I find only headers but no function bodies for these four.
I commented those lines in the .h files to see what would
happen.  Now the make dies while trying to link the glade-3.exe

glade_3-glade-window.o: In function `glade_window_init':
d:/gtki/glade3-3.6.0/src/glade-window.c:3055: undefined reference to
d:/gtki/glade3-3.6.0/src/glade-window.c:3059: undefined reference to

These two functions I find in glade-signal-editor.h and used in
glade-window.c but like the functions above, I find no function
bodies.  Any suggestions?  I am going to try this on SuSE 11.1
when I can but considering that I don't see the function bodies
anywhere, I am expecting the same problem.

Damon Register

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