[Glade-users] Creating Notebook Tab Pages

On Sun, Mar 22, 2009 at 9:59 PM, Don Mies <don.mies at cox.net> wrote:
I am not trying to populate the pages at runtime.? There do not appear to be
any pages created in the notebook.? All I see are 3 "label" type widgets
which have the tab labels.? There are no pages and no apparent way to create
the pages.

What "gray placeholder widgets" are you referring to?? I don't see anything
like that except some text in the hierarchy window that says "(tab child)"
to the right of the tab label widgets.? I've tried to select that but it
seems to be part of the tab label widget and not a separate item.

You want to add pages to the notebook ? or you want to add
customized tab label widgets ?

When I run Glade 3.4 here, I can create a notebook, and by default
it has 3 tabs, each have tab labels by default, and empty pages (gray area)
in the workspace... if I want to add page contents, I select a page
(by clicking twice on one of the labels, once to select it, the next
to activate it, which switches the page, alternatively use the virtual
"page" property to navigate).

If you want to make custom tabs, just delete the default tabs and
add new ones.

When building your UI, it is important that your notebooks have
pages and tabs for each page (Glade will read and write it ok,
but GtkBuilder or libglade wont like empty pages).



Tristan Van Berkom wrote:

On Sun, Mar 22, 2009 at 9:30 PM, Don Mies <don.mies at cox.net> wrote:

I'm sure this is very elementary stuff but I'm completely new to GTK+
and Glade...

I'm trying to create a notebook container. ?The container itself is easy
and very straightforward but I have not been able to create the child
pages for the tabs. ?I've searched everything I can think of with no luck.

Once I have the notebook created with it's tabs, how does one associate
a child (window or frame or whatever) to that tab so that switching tabs
changes the display?

So far, everything I've tried has associated the new object with all of
the tabs (i.e. switching tabs has no effect). ?I suspect that it's
actually not associated with any of the tabs but you get the idea.

Did you add content to all the pages in the notebook ?

or are you creating a notebook in Glade that you want
to populate the pages at runtime ?

If the latter, then you should at least add some container
to the notebook pages in Glade (i.e. just add them inline
to the gray placeholder widgets), then get those pages
by name and add your dynamic widgets to those containers.


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