[Glade-users] Creating Notebook Tab Pages

I'm sure this is very elementary stuff but I'm completely new to GTK+ 
and Glade...

I'm trying to create a notebook container.  The container itself is easy 
and very straightforward but I have not been able to create the child 
pages for the tabs.  I've searched everything I can think of with no luck.

Once I have the notebook created with it's tabs, how does one associate 
a child (window or frame or whatever) to that tab so that switching tabs 
changes the display?

So far, everything I've tried has associated the new object with all of 
the tabs (i.e. switching tabs has no effect).  I suspect that it's 
actually not associated with any of the tabs but you get the idea.

I'm running glade 3.4.5 on a Fedora 10 system if that makes any difference.

I've spent 4 hours seaching for the answer to this today...   :-(



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