[Glade-users] Loading widgets from XML file using libglade

On Mon, Dec 21, 2009 at 7:00 PM, Andrew Wood <ajwood at theiet.org> wrote:
Lukasz Gromotowicz wrote:

What is your intention? Do you want to realize something like
gtk_notebook? If yes, why not to use it?

No, more like viewing email in something like Thunderbird where you
click a message in one pane and its content shows in another. I have an
hpane with selections in the left half and I want the content of the
right half to change.

Consider the tabs on the notebook just general convenience extension,
just use the GtkNotebook with hidden tabs if thats useful to you
(for instance, it will keep all the children and only display one, doing
the appropriate remapping etc instead of you having to reparent them
yourself every time you "switch a page").


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