[Glade-users] GtkBuilder, Actions and Radio Buttons - How?

Hi There.

I'm really struggling to find any information on how you correctly connect
Actions, with Accellerators to my menu items in Glade 3.

I have done the following:

Added 5 radio menu items to a submenu
Added 5 radio actions to "Actions" (It refuses to let me put them in an
Action Group, so "ActionGroup" seems totally useless to me at present)
Set 4 of the actions to have group of the first
Set 4 of the radio menu items to have group of the first
Set each of 5 radio menu items to have action from 5 radio items
Specified an Accelerator key combo for the radio menu items

When run, the radio buttons do not work. It constantly sets to the first
item.  When I add a "changed" signal callback in the code, it shows that it
gets called twice, the second call is resetting the "active" state on the

Why is something that seems so simple causing me so much pain.  I'm trying
to use GtkBuilder as it's intended, however I'm losing patience and could
have achieved what I want by simply ignoring glade completely in half the

Is there any reference to what I want to do, Google is silent on details.

Finally what on earth does "Create the same proxies as a radio action" mean,
the context help is not helpful, and googling for that phrase brings up only
GTK+ source files and translation files

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