[Glade-users] Large Glade XML vs Multiple Small Glade XML

So I've been looking around a few of the projects that use Glade3 and
have been developing a few small projects myself.

I'm wondering, is it best to have a single large all encompassing glade
file or many small glade files, say one per dialog. I guess ultimately
I'm interested in finding out what best practices are for using Glade3
especially for multiple dialogs.

Currently I'm wrapping each dialog in its own class and using XML
builder to load the dialog in that class. Such that every dialog class
creates a new instance of XML builder and loads what it needs from a
single large XML file. This is obviously going to be less efficient if
the XML files aren't cached.

I hope no-one has asked this before. I had a quick search of the
mailing-list archives, but couldn't find anything.


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