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Thanks a million for that Carlos I'll go through your code and learn
something about programming gtk, if not some Portuguese ;-)

Carlos Pereira wrote:

Here is my code to populate a drop down with text.

I use it in a C++ program, so I pass a vector of strings to populate
the dropdown. It should be easy to change it to use char *.

The comments are in portuguese, sorry.... :-)

Best regards

// esta funcao preenche qualquer dropdown simples, 1 coluna de string
void preenche_drop(GtkWidget *DROP, vector<string> CONTEUDO)
    // preenche um drop down com as strings dentro do vetor CONTEUDO informado

    // zera o conteudo atual do drop down

    int cont;
    GtkListStore *list_store;
    GtkCellRenderer *renderer;
    GtkTreeIter iter;

    list_store = gtk_list_store_new (1, G_TYPE_STRING);

    for(cont=0; cont < CONTEUDO.size(); cont++)
        char conteudo[130];

        sprintf(conteudo, "%s", CONTEUDO.at(cont).c_str());

        // Add a new row to the model
        gtk_list_store_append (list_store, &iter);  // add linha vazia
e faz iter apontar para ela
        // armazena um valor na lista, na linha apontada por iter, nas
colunas indicadas
        // 0 - primeira coluna, e o conteudo da coluna. A lista termina com -1
        gtk_list_store_set (list_store, &iter, 0, conteudo, -1);

    gtk_combo_box_set_model(GTK_COMBO_BOX(DROP), GTK_TREE_MODEL(list_store));

    renderer = gtk_cell_renderer_text_new();
    gtk_cell_layout_pack_start(GTK_CELL_LAYOUT(DROP), renderer, TRUE);
    gtk_cell_layout_set_attributes(GTK_CELL_LAYOUT(DROP), renderer,
"text", 0, NULL);

    // vou deixar aqui pra servir de referencia, mas nao eh verdade para todo
    // dropdown criado, pode-se querer ele vazio para que sua alteracao
    // chame uma callback function
    //mostra o primeiro item no drop down
    //gtk_combo_box_set_active(GTK_COMBO_BOX(drop_bds), 0);

On Tue, Oct 21, 2008 at 4:48 AM, Arigead <captain.deadly at gmail.com> wrote:
jonathan at blueplanet.cl wrote:

Basically in my C code I get the comboBox with gtk_builder_get_object()
and then call gtk_combo_box_append_text() this gives me an error:

(gmpg:12154): Gtk-CRITICAL **: gtk_combo_box_append_text: assertion
`GTK_IS_LIST_STORE (combo_box->priv->model)' failed
Did you created the GtkListStore model for that combo box? That warning
was produced because you didn't set the proper model.

Check the info of gtk_combo_box_set_model ().

Thanks All for getting back to me,

I'm a bit confused by the GtkListStore model now. If I want to just
store a list of strings I create a GtkListStore:

   GtkListStore            *list_store;
   list_store = gtk_list_store_new (1, G_TYPE_STRING);

Now set this to be the model of my combobox:

   gtk_combo_box_set_model((GtkComboBox *) MyComboBox,
                           (GtkTreeModel *)list_store);

That has gotten rid of the error message OK but I can't add to the list
of items in the combobox. I've tried adding to the ListStore and the
Combobox but nothing shows up when I display the interface.

   GtkTreeIter iter;

   /* Add a new row to the model */
   gtk_list_store_append (list_store, &iter);
   gtk_list_store_set (list_store, &iter, 0, "Hello", -1);

   /* Simply add to the combobox */
   gtk_combo_box_append_text((GtkComboBox *)vehicleList, "Hello");

Neither of those two methods raise an error on compile time but nothing
is in the drop down list at all?
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