[Glade-users] Menu icons not showing up.

On Sun, 2007-01-14 at 22:43 +0100, Marcin Krzyzanowski wrote:
On 10/01/07, Zach Tibbitts <zach at collegegeek.org> wrote:
I don't know why, but currently there is no "stock" property set if
you choose stock from combobox, only "use_stock" and translatable
"label" is set. This allmost for sure disable all stock's if anybody
open it with translated label equal to stock-id ;) 

The question is if "stock" property is deprecated ? or it's just a
mistake. Seems it's just a mistake because sources use "stock"
property somehow.

Does this have anything to do with Marcin's problem ? 

Zach: do your glade files "work" ? do you "see the stock icons"
when you load the file using libglade ? (not using gedit).

First of all - GtkComboBox does not have any "stock" property
that I am aware of - the normal way to set the stock icon
of a GtkButton is to set the "label" property to the stock
icon name and then set "use-stock" to TRUE (btw).

Now I am thoroughly confused - is this just a bunch of
confusing white noise or is there actually a bug somewhere ?


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