[Glade-users] Building Your Own Catalog

I am implementing my own catalog on Glade 3.0.1 (ie the Ubutuntu Edgy
standard version).

I have got as far as cutting down gtk+.xml to make my catalog and I can
get that to load provided:
* I point the library to the library="gladegtk"
* I keep each widget in my catalog with the same name as an original GTK
one (eg the widgets in my palette are called things like GtkWindow)

So the next task is to take glade-gtk.c and cut it down to make the basis
of my own catalog library module...

Two questions:
* how do I get the damn thing to compile?
* what is the minimum set of functions I need it to implement?

Question 1

My problem is that is has been a loooong time since I did this sort of
thing (long before make!). I have two options - edit the make files by
cloning all the glade-gtk bits with my equivalent catalog names and hoping
that works... I started down that road by it gets scary soon especially
with all the Install bits... So I have to learn Make syntax, aargh!

The second option is that one of you gu-hoo-rus gives me a one-liner that
will include everything in and generate the appropriate lib*.so ;->

Question 2

This is more straight forward I hope. My widgets wont need any special
code from the catalog library (I think!) so I just need the basic plugin
registration functions...



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