[Glade-users] Building Your Own Catalog

On Mon, 2007-01-15 at 08:35 +0000, Gordon Guthrie wrote:
I am implementing my own catalog on Glade 3.0.1 (ie the Ubutuntu Edgy
standard version).

Hi Gordon,
   Sorry I didnt reply sooner - just really swamped.

Few sugestions about writing a catalog at the moment:

  - Come to #glade3 on GimpNet to chat with us
  - Don't use the gtk+ widget catalog as an example, since it
    is the base toolkit and also supports all the depricated widgets,
    its alot more complex than a normal plugin would be.
  - Try a catalog with only one widget first, a container widget
    is more difficult because you have to implement placeholders
    and optionally custom editors and/or context menu actions in
    order to add/remove children.
  - The api has changed from the one documented at glade.gnome.org,
    best you look at svn trunk code for details and ask us questions
    about it untill we get it properly documented (the gtk-doc
    statements are in place, but descriptions need to be written and
    some gtk-doc love is needed).
  - For the makefiles, your project should probably imitate a typical
    gnome project, use gnome-autogen.sh in the same way glade does from
    its autogen.sh script, then write a Makefile.am in your sources
    directory to make the binary plugin - look at
    glade3/widgets/Makefile.am for an example of how to get the catalog
    file translated properly.
  - Dont use the same names of widgets that are provided by gtk+, that
    will only conflict with the existing ones - a new widget must be
    a new widget.

Hope this gives you something to chew on for a little while ;-)


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